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Tabitha's Birth Center Birth Story

At 7:00 am on June 15th, Katie had bloody show and thought her water might have broken.  She kept having small amounts of bloody discharge so she went and saw our midwife to do check for the presence of amniotic fluid.  The test showed that her water had not broken yet so our midwife sent Katie home and told her to get some rest and a take a walk.  At 2:35 PM, Katie’s water actually broke with meconium present and our midwife now wanted to make sure that labor began soon.  To this end, she had Katie take a dose of Castor Oil and then get some rest to prepare for labor. Katie had an Orange Juice-Castor Oil slushie (yummy!) at about 4:00 PM and by 4:30 PM she was having contractions.  We labored at home in different positions until the contractions changed to being expulsive (at this point it was starting to get dark outside, it was perhaps 8:30 PM, our sense of time became pretty muddled after contractions began).  When we arrived at the birth center, they checked Katie’s progress and found her to be 8 cm dilated and 80% effaced which was welcome news for us because it meant that labor was progressing quickly.  Katie then labored on the bed for a short while until she was fully dilated at which point she began actively pushing.   The next thing we knew, our baby girl, Tabitha Jaqulyn, was born at 11:07pm weighing 8 pounds 4 oz and having a length of 21 inches.

Throughout the pregnancy we continually asked God to give us a healthy child and to make the labor and delivery go smoothly and quickly and we are very thankful to Him for giving us all of those things.  We were also blessed to have a fantastic midwife and birthing staff at Jubilee Birth Center who were incredibly helpful through the pregnancy and delivery and who continue to help even now after the birth.

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