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I am passionate about teaching natural childbirth techniques with other women to empower them to give birth naturally. I could not have done it without my husband's support, and this method will train your husband or partner how to support you in labor. My classes will not only teach you how to work with your body in labor, but also how to make informed decisions about your labor and birth.

Classes cover a wide variety of topics:

  • Exercises for comfort and preparation for labor

  • Optimal nutrition for healthy mom and baby

  • Birth culture in the US and our area

  • Options for care providers, birth place, procedures

  • Relaxation techniques for physical, mental, and emotional relaxation

  • Comfort measures in labor

  • Labor positions - get out of bed!

  • Pushing guidelines and positions

  • Preparing for postpartum and the early weeks

  • Breastfeeding preparation

  • Equipping husband/coach to support mom in labor

I am currently taking a break from teaching, but my partner, Rachel Curless, has classes scheduled throughout the year. You can find more information at

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