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Gracie's Natural Hospital Birth

Sunday Sept 23, I woke up in such a BAD mood. When I went to use the restroom I believed I had passed my mucus plug. Not sure if it was it or not, my mother just smiled and said "the baby will be here soon". We went to the 12 o clock mass but I was so uncomfortable that the entire time in mass (i felt awful for) i just wanted to go home and didnt want anyone even LOOKING at me. Keegan was at work so I told him how I was feeling via text. When i got home after mass I started to clean (*a sign! a sign! I kept thinking) so when Keegan got home from work at around 3pm, we headed to our friends BBQ. I felt fine, happy to see everyone, and everyone was asking when my due date was, I told them "it was yesterday" and some ladies said "just walk miles and clean your house, that sure will bring that baby out!" haha, who knew! When we came home, I thought about what they said, I asked Keegan to go walking with me (around 6:15 pm ish) and he didn't want to cause he was "full", it made me furious! and I grabbed my money and went walking to TARGET, about a 45 min walk all together. When I was walking back from the store, I felt mild contractions. When I came home, around 7:30pm ish I went straight to my room, since Keegan knew I wasn't happy with him, he just hung out in the living room with my mom watching the EMMY's. At 7:57 pm I started to time my contractions. They were 8 mins apart lasting 2 mins. I'm not gonna lie, reading some of the other stories, I was really nervous about going to the hospital and finding out I was only a "3" or something. SO ... When I started to time them, I kept going back and forth to the bathroom, "having to pee". At close to around 9pm keegan came to check on me since he started to notice my behavior and heard me. When he started to time them, they started to get irregular. At 10, i went to go take a shower and lay down but I continued to go back and forth to the bathroom and lay down. I couldn't get comfortable. At about 11pm I told Keegan to call into work and my mom was begging for us to go to the hospital. I told her no because I didnt think I was dilated. But about 10:50 ish.. I started to cry and the "contractions" were lasting 5 mins and the strongest ever! I finally said what I didnt want to say around 11:15pm .. "Im not gonna make it. i need an epidural. im sorry" Keegan started to say lets go to the hsopital and I told him to call Rachel first. When she told him we needed to get going (duh transition!) we did! Transitioning in the car was TOUGH! When I got to the hospital, all my coworkers were happy to see me while I was checking it, but i was shoving my face in my pillow crying from the pain.. I was double peeking! When we got upstairs to l&D, thank god i got the best l&d nurse! Charlotte was amazing! At 11:45pm, she checked me and said "your complete!" I said "what does that mean!?" and she laughed and said "you are a 10!".. I couldn't believe it! She called Dr. Rice and it was just 15 mins til she got there. I will say that while Charlotte was trying to monitor me and do my vitals, i kept needing to go to the bathroom. At one point, the other nurse Jane?, I told her I was going and took everything off. She told Charlotte "there is no stopping her, there she goes!" .. Charlotte grabbed me and said "you have to push that's all it is" but i was replying saying i promised i wouldn't push i just needed to pee!.. when she saw me in the restroom and asked if i went, i said "i will, i will" she got nervous and said "get in bed now we are not having a baby in the toilet!" haha, sorry i thought it was funny. Anyways Dr. Rice got there a little after midnight and when she did she just told me to push with my contractions. Well my contractions stopped so I just had to push when I wanted to. I don't remember too much, only that she said when the her head was coming out it was going to "burn a little". Keegan and my mom said that I pushed about 15 mins, 6 to Maybe 8 pushes and Audrey Grace Hunter was born at 0038 on Sept 24.

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